Consistently ranking high in search engine results is getting harder for B2B companies. The main reason is sites like Google are trying to create a “walled garden” effect to keep users on their website vs. sending them away. However, there are still many opportunities to get a large amount of free qualified traffic if you follow these steps below. This article will focus on critical tactics for B2Bs beyond the basic SEO best practices (i.e., semantic markup, metadata, linking, etc.). Be sure to check out our articles on SEO Basics for more information. If you want more traffic from search in 2019, be sure to follow these proven eight tactics. Also, check out the case studies at the bottom of this article to see the impact these steps can make.

What are the top B2B SEO Ranking Factors for 2019?

8 Tactics for Improved B2B SEO

  1. Blog at least once per week – Consumed content is king for B2B digital marketing but also B2B SEO. Why? Fresh periodic content that focuses on educating and informing buyers is exactly what search engines like Google want to serve up to its searchers. For Vende Social, 60% of visitors to our website enter from a blog. Buyers want to be informed not sold. This is why your blog is such a valuable asset.
  2. Optimize for the problems you solve, not the products or services you sell – B2B buyers are looking for the best ways to solve problems. They are using search engines as a way to find answers. Develop a content plan around the words and phrases buyers would type into Google while researching.
  3. Leverage video to turbocharge results – Content can be repurposed into video and then leveraged multiple ways to improve SEO results. The primary method is by producing content that can live on YouTube, the second-largest search engine. Placing a link in the comments of the video to relevant content on your site will also deliver traffic. Finally, we have found that pages including embedded video perform better than pages without it.
  4. Stay away from marketing jargon – Marketers tend to come up with new ways to define what their company does as a way to differentiate the business from competitors. It is not a good strategy to optimize for these buzzwords, but rather optimize for words that your industry has regularly used to describe your offerings.
  5. Optimizing for local business listings is critical – Leveraging Google My Business and the Name Address Phone Number (NAP) directories will help your search rankings, even if you only have one location. Be sure to thoroughly complete profiles, and make sure to use consistent descriptions of your business, addresses, phone numbers, etc. Check out our whitepaper for more insights on how to localize your business.
  6. Get employees to share your content on social media – Getting employees to share content on sites like LinkedIn will get you more exposure and traffic. According to Hubspot, when employees share content, you can expect 10 times more reach and 24 times more engagement.
  7. Use a question-answer approach to content development – You have probably noticed how Google is often showing answers to questions within the search results. The way to show up in these results is to write your content like an FAQ.
  8. Make sure your site is search friendly – There are many factors at play when it comes to making your site search engine friendly. The most important ones are loading speed, mobile responsiveness, security (HTTPS), and good use of Schema. If you are unsure if your site has these properly implemented, consider having a web analysis.

Two Case Studies – 30% Growth and Millions in Value

We have had the honor to serve each of these clients for over four years. It is increasingly difficult to continue to improve their search results because we are basically competing with ourselves year over year. However, by following the eight steps above, we consistently grow each company’s search engine traffic by more than 30%!

Nationwide B2B Distributor: Communications Equipment

Value of organic traffic = $1.5MM

B2B SEO Case Study 1

Global Environmental Services Company

Value of organic traffic = $1.2MM

B2B SEO case study 2

How Can We Help?

If you are not seeing more than 30% year-over-year search result growth, maybe you should consider working with an agency that offers guaranteed results. Schedule a complimentary discovery meeting and let’s see if we are a good fit for your business. We will come prepared with good ideas and actionable insights. We can’t wait to talk to you!