optimize your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is your personal brand in social media, and you will need a strong profile to serve as the hub of your social selling activities. Your profile is not about finding a job it’s about meeting, connecting and serving others (social selling). If you do this right, you won’t need to worry about getting job opportunities. They will find you.

Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

The following infographic will give you a visual step-by-step overview of the best tips and tricks to optimize your LinkedIn profile. However, for more LinkedIn profile help be sure to check out this blog on how to optimize your profile terrific resource for you on our website.

Remember these key tips:

  • Your profile is NOT an online resume
  • Talk about the problems you solve not the products you sell
  • Be sure to use a professional headshot
  • Write in first person
  • Use keywords everywhere but especially in your headline
  • Showcase your work with case studies and recommendations
  • Leverage multimedia
  • Ask for recommendations/give recommendations
  • Have three versions of your headline and bio that you swap out throughout the year

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

To help you establish a social selling system for your business, Vende has also developed our Social Selling Action Plan. It’s yours free right here. Within its pages, you will find a step-by-step plan and tips for engaging prospects at key moments in the decision process. Be sure to get yours today!